Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Red-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Red-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Red-White
Red Skeleton Buffalo Leather Gloves with lightning
leather skeleton gloves for  hunting water fowl
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Red-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Red-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Red-White

Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Red-White

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ASTRAPí Red & White  Water Buffalo Skelton Motorcycle Glove 

Astrapi, translates to 'lightning' in Greek and holds a significant place in ancient mythology and symbolism, representing power, speed, and divine intervention. In Greek mythology, lightning was considered a weapon of the gods, primarily Zeus, used to express divine wrath or illuminate the truth. Maroon Bell Outdoor motorcycle gloves have next level strength, and the lightning indicates a sense of speed, energy, and fierce power, resonating with the swift and bold nature of motorcyclists.


  • Full Grain Water Buffalo Leather 
  • 40 hand stitched pieces of Buffalo leather 
  • Molds to your hands over time
  • UNMATCHED STRENGTH: Made from full grain Water Buffalo hide.
  • PERSONALIZED COMFORT: Glove molds to your hand, thanks to non-stretched hide.
  • BOLD DESIGN: Features a gold lightning bolt, hand-stitched with 40 pieces of buffalo leather.
  • TECH-READY: Tech fabric on the index finger ensures easy smartphone usage.
  • WATER-RESILIENT: Molds to your hand better when wet.
  • ULTIMATE SAFETY: Offers high resistance to tears, punctures, and abrasions.
  • BREATHABLE: It is cool in the summer and warm in the winter
  • LIGHT WEIGHT: You will not believe how strong this glove is when you put it on, because it is so light.
        • Free Shipping Inside the USA.
        • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 6 reviews

        Love them! Only complaint I have is the tag on the inside of the gloves is massive and tends to stick out. But other than that they are super comfortable and look amazing!!!

        Armando Olivas
        Red lightning

        They feel really good and comfortable.

        Amazing Quality and Customer Service!

        I really enjoy the look and durability with the gloves. I get compliments on them all the time. My first pair showed up with some damage and MB sent me a replacement within a week. I appreciate good customer service and a quality product. I will buy from MB again!

        Amber Telford
        These 💥

        These are cooler than expected, higher quality than expected, and fit better than expected. Fingertip phone thing works well. *Could *maybe extend further into my forearm more, like not be so short at the wrist. But excellent 10/10.

        Brandon Ramage
        A Little More to Be Desired

        I actually got the Lion Guards because of the holiday shortage. I realize this line of gloves are all the same, aside from color combinations. Good quality build glove, aside from some loose treads from manufacturing. Good fitment. If I were get nit picky, I would say the wrists are too short; cold wrists when riding and hard to grab to pull glove on (maybe an inch longer at least would be nice). Also, when bending index and pinky finger it is less comfortable than the other two fingers because there is no outer gap/space in the leather, so the fingers fold on the seam which causes discomfort and does not seam like a natural bending action in the fingers or the leather. I notice some other high dollar gloves have leather gap/space on both side of each finger. This would make for a more comfortable glove and a more natural finger bending action. Also, mine came with a smart cloth on both index and thumb. I was not expecting that because the pics I saw did not show it, but was a good thing. May not last long for people that work these gloves hard...
        I will get some good use out of these gloves, but not sure how often I will use them for the intended purpose of motorcycle riding.

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