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My Story

Jeremy and Whitney

My name is Jeremy Dougherty and I am a fourth generation Coloradan (I am the one in white). I started Maroon Bell Outdoor because I love fashion, the outdoors and wanted to build the next great American company. I know that sounds idealistic, but I am setting out to prove that by selling products of the highest quality to one person at a time we can create a foundation strong enough to last a generation.

My goal is to build a company like our grandparents did. I am not starting out with loans and debt but rather the contents of my savings account. Our number one marketing platform is a 10x10 tent I set up with my products. This acts as our pop up shop for various Colorado festivals and events. We stand out in the rain, sleet and sun selling one t-shirt at a time to consumers walking by.

In my quest to develop a great American company I am doing everything I can to work with other entrepreneurs based out of Denver. From there we branch out to the rest of the country and then look internationally. So far we have used young companies in Denver to help with our logo, print our t-shirts, market our website, sew patches, buy patches, make promotional stickers and act as brand ambassadors.

We are giving 3% of everything back to four non-profits doing work we think will make this world a better place.

On a personal side, I grew up with three siblings just south of Denver and they were my best friends. I went to school at both the University of Colorado and Colorado State University where I earned my degree in accounting. I have lived in LA, DC, New York City, Denver and the Czech Republic. I always wanted to be an entrepreneur and have spent most of my time chasing that dream in the last five years. Just recently I married the love of my life, a first grade teacher named Whitney. We live in Denver and I am using our two-bedroom condo including the living room, dining room and office for inventory, which makes her super happy! My parents live south of Denver and we see them often. My favorite things to do are travel, meet new people, take photographs, jog in the mountains, write, hang out with my friends, watch sports, go on dates with Whitney, talk to my twin brother Shawn about life, drink coffee, watch movies and see my family. 

The best advice I ever got was from my dad in the summer of 2006. I had just graduated from college and was living in the southern Czech Republic about 10 miles north of Slovakia. During a phone call I remember he told me, “Jeremy, think of your life like a book and make it as interesting as possible.” It’s my motto in life.

Feel free to contact me anytime with questions, thoughts, concerns or ideas. I would love to hear from you. Thanks for visiting Maroon Bell Outdoor and reading my story.

Jeremy Dougherty