A Grassroots Company out of Denver, Colorado

Maroon Bell Outdoor was founded by a fourth generation Coloradan. We give 3% back to non-profits and are not using investors. Our goal is to design a line of small batch apparel usable in the outdoors or in the city.

Our fashion-conscious apparel line is being designed for your classically adventurous lifestyle. Whether you are hiking in the Rocky Mountains, meeting friends for a cocktail downtown or going on an urban hike,  our emerging apparel brand will keep you comfortably draped the entire time. Experience the dynamically usable look and feel of this distinctive, Denver based, Colorado apparel line.

Flannel shirt Maroon Bell Outdoor at the ocean
Endless Summer
The Theodore - Polo Shirt - White
The Theodore - Polo Shirt - White with Blue Pocket
The Theodore - Polo Shirt - Navy Blue
The Theodore - Polo Shirt - Navy Blue with White Pocket
Buffalo Leather Gloves
The Doc - Vintage Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Navy Blue | Maroon Bell Outdoor®
The Doc - Vintage Crew Neck Sweatshirt - Grey | Maroon Bell Outdoor®
Campfire Flannel Shirt | Aspen Gold | Maroon Bell Outdoor®
Campfire Flannel Shirt | Glacier Blue | Maroon Bell Outdoor®

Our Purpose

We believe that everyday each of us has a choice to be a better person than they were the day before. We believe the American dream is not an idea but a reality born within people. We believe that we will be the next greatest generation and we believe that we are who we’ve been waiting for. We believe in the earth and the oceans and deserts and forests and the animals living here with us. We believe that our success as humans shouldn’t be to the detriment of this environment. We believe in people and we believe that together, if we stop working against each other, start trusting each other, learning about each other and supporting each other that together we can change our collective fate. Together we can change the game if we choose to continue the ascent. 

We give 3% back to these non-profits

Three percent of our sales are donated to three Denver based non-profit organizations. We work with Mile High workshop on various cut an sew projects. Our goal is to support the community we live and work in, forever.


City Style Built for the Outdoors

The Maroon Bell Outdoor apparel line consists of unique garments designed to spice up your wardrobe in a usable and comfortable way. Shop for your favorite selections, adding your own personal touch with:
Flannels, Rugby Shirts, Trucker Hats, Gloves, Sweatshirts, Crew necks T-shirts, Thermals, Accessories and More.

We offer exceptionally comfortable, unisex clothing, available in men’s, women’s, and kids. Find your favorite designs and begin dressing up your life with our timeless, classically rugged gear.  

At Maroon Bell Outdoor, our unique blend of indoor, outdoor apparel is at the heart of everything we do. We are developing innovative designs to give you an unforgettable look no matter where your authentic lifestyle takes you.

Introducing Our Summer Collection

Introducing Our Summer Collection

Over the past year we have been working on our latest line - the Summer of 2020 Collection. In line with our founding principles and overall theme, these designs will be usable year-round in the city, the park, the mountains, cafés, bars, restaurants or if you are a jet setter, the friendly skies.
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The Story Behind Our Buffalo Leather Gloves

The Story Behind Our Buffalo Leather Gloves

We have to be adaptable in our actions and our wardrobe, it’s an adventure. An adventure that requires innovative apparel. This led us to developing the Buffalo Leather Glove
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Urban Hiking - What Is It?

Urban Hiking - What Is It?

An urban hike is just like a mountain hike, but in the city. You can walk, run, skip, dance or move through the hike however you want. It’s your hike and you’re in the outdoors with trees, grass, birds, squirrels, lakes, creeks, buildings, billboards, benches, cars, bicyclists, and life. 
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