Buffalo Leather Gloves
Buffalo Leather Gloves
Buffalo Leather Gloves
Buffalo Leather Gloves
Buffalo Leather Gloves
Buffalo Leather Gloves
Buffalo Leather Gloves
Buffalo Leather Gloves
Buffalo Leather Gloves

Buffalo Leather Gloves


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Original Maroon Bell Outdoor Design


  • 1 MM gauge Full Grain Water Buffalo Leather
  • 3 times stronger than cow hide more durable and high resistance to tearing 
  • Thinly lined with 100% cotton
  • Smart finger so you can access your phone without removing your glove
  • Designed to look like a 1930s driving glove so you can wear this in the city or the outdoors
  • These gloves stretch a lot and become very soft after a couple of months


  • First, measure around your palm, under the knuckles
  • Then select your size with the chart below
  • Finally, if you fall between sizes, choose the larger size
  • These gloves were designed a bit smaller, because they stretch out with time
  • When you receive these, expect for them to feel stiff, like your first baseball mitt. The Water Buffalo is so tough it takes some time for it to loosen up
NOTE: Model shown measured at size 9 (per below chart) and fits XL perfectly, which is tight out of the box.








Why are they 3 times stronger? 

  1. First these gloves are made from Water Buffalo hide which has an epidermal layer 3 times thicker than cow hide. 
  2. Buffalo hide is not stretched during the tanning process making it thicker and more resistant to tearing.  
  3. Finally, this specific glove is made from “Full Grain” leather which is one of the best quality leathers available. Full Grain simply means the imperfections were not removed giving the final product its incredible strength and durability. 

Additional Thoughts: 

Our founder is a 4th generation Coloradan who grew up in the city as well as the mountains. This glove was specifically designed to look great in any situation.

    We ship for free every time. We also offer free exchanges. We want you to love your product and make sure that happens.

    * We ship for free, every time. Your order will go out on the following business day and should take about 3-10 days for arrival. 
    * Exchanges: We want you to have a product you love. If there is anything wrong just let us know and we will exchange it or issue a refund. 


    We started Maroon Bell Outdoor with the idea that we could bring distinct value back to consumers. Over the last five years we have spent hundreds of hours and tens of thousands of dollars, designing products we personally use everyday. We priced these pieces in a way we believed made them accessible to a larger group of people. When it came to shipping, the last thing we wanted to do was tack on an additional cost. If the buyer was not happy with the design or wanted a different size, we didn't think they should have to pay extra to get the right fit, so we decided to cover exchanges as well. We know what it feels like to buy something and truly feel like you won. That is our goal  with every purchase and we are not going to disrupt that experience with nickels and dimes and extra fees.


    Why do we ship USPS? For one it is the most cost effective option, however; this is not the only reason. In the previous section we mentioned pricing and how our aim was to create a scenario where our designs were available to a larger group of people. Our love for the US Postal Service has to do with that idea. 

    The USPS as an organization has been around since 1775 during the second continental congress. Benjamin Franklin was the Post Master General at that time. For 245 years this child of the revolution has been a corner stone and a foundation for our democracy. Our ability to communicate with each other is an unwavering anchor for our nation. Because of that, this service has been an affordable, cost effective option for almost everyone in the country. When we started Maroon Bell Outdoor, it was the post office who reached out to us. They set us up with an account, explained how everything worked and helped us grow into what we are today. 

    Sometimes we get the question, why do you personally deliver all of the packages to the post office? Can't you schedule deliveries? Our answer is always the same; "Yes, we could schedule deliveries but then we wouldn't be part of the process". You see, shipping your package is a process for us that we love being involved with. We know the folks at the post office, we say hi to them, they are part of our community, part of our company and they are helping us, as well as thousands of other small businesses achieve their dreams.

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