Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black
Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black
Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black
Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black
A crossed pair of black buffalo leather gloves with red snapback wrist clasps & Smart finger on the index from Maroon Bell Outdoor.
Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black
Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black
Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black
Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black

Buffalo Leather Gloves - Pitch Black

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Original Maroon Bell Outdoor Design



  • 1 MM gauge Full Grain Buffalo Leather 
  • 3 times stronger than cow hide more durable and high resistance to tearing 
  • These black buffalo leather snapback gloves are lined with 100% cotton
  • Smart finger so you can access your phone without removing your glove
  • Designed to look like a 1930s leather driving glove so you can wear this in the city or the outdoors
  • Full grain Water Buffalo has the unique characteristic of molding to the contours of your hands. Overtime, this legacy item will be custom to your hands. 


  • First, measure around your palm, under the knuckles
  • Then select your size with the chart below
  • Finally, if you fall between sizes, choose the larger size
  • These gloves were designed a bit smaller, because they stretch out with time
  • When you receive these, expect for them to feel stiff, like your first baseball mitt. The Water Buffalo is so tough it takes some time for it to loosen up

NOTE: Model shown measured at size 9 (per below chart) and fits XL perfectly, which is tight out of the box.









Why are they 3 times stronger? 

  1. First these gloves are made from Buffalo hide which has an epidermal layer 3 times thicker than cow hide. 
  2. Buffalo hide is not stretched during the tanning process making it thicker and more resistant to tearing.  
  3. Finally, this specific glove is made from “Full Grain” leather which is one of the best quality leathers available. Full Grain simply means the imperfections were not removed giving the final product its incredible strength and durability. 

Additional Thoughts: 

Our founder is a 4th generation Coloradan who grew up in the city as well as the mountains. This glove was specifically designed to look great in any situation.

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    • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews

    Been using these for half a month as my daily use gloves. They're handsome and practical gloves, and I wear them every day whether for driving or picking up boxes for work.

    Keep in mind that these are a much tougher, thicker glove than "real" driving gloves; water buffalo is a much tougher and stiffer hide than nappa lamb or other luxury leathers, and it took a while for these gloves to loosen up to a degree that was more comfortable.

    ...fits like a gLO🤎E!

    My relationship with Maroon Bell Outdoor began when happenstance caused me to see the product, access the website, set-up my cart and park it while i looked into its funding, and then i received a personal note, signed by Mr. Jeremy Dougherty, Founder, asking: "CAN YOU HELP US?".

    After responding affirmatively, making and receiving my purchase, where the pinky, ring & index of the left-hand glove were each a bit long, Mr. Dougherty personally worked with me to get me a replacement pair and facilitate returns, all at his cost. More than my being grateful for the product quality&craftspersonship together with the situation's outcome, beginning to end, i appreciate Mr. Dougherty's time, tolerance, attention, patience and values, each&all of which equate to: PR!CELESSNESS...

    David F.
    Exceptional Glove

    Hey Jeremy,

    Just want to thank you again. First for the Fathers Day discount you worked out for me but more for these incredible gloves.
    Shipping was very fast and they arrived quickly on Thursday.

    Your packaging is first class. Even my picky GF was impressed. I honestly can’t compare these gloves to any other pair I’ve ever owned and I’ve had many in all my years. The fit is snug as described and expected. But not tight. I know they’re going to break in perfectly. The leather is a lot softer (and even pliable) than I thought.

    All in all they are already pretty comfortable and very well made. I’m more than satisfied. I’ll be getting that brown pair without a doubt.

    Your top notch customer service is only out done by a very fine product.

    Again, thank you.
    David F.

    Raffi D
    Bought 3. Kept all 3 in different colors

    I originally ordered 3 different colors of this glove to see which one I liked the most, to return 2, but I ended up keeping all 3 of them. They are amazing quality. If you want a glove that feels quality and will last a decade at least, order yourself a pair or 3. You will not be disappointed.



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