Buffalo Leather Gloves for Gardening and Yard Work

Are you looking for some quality gloves for gardening or yard work? Then look no further because Maroon Bell Outdoor’s buffalo leather gloves are here to give you a helping hand! These one-of-a-kind work gloves are strong, durable, and comfortable — perfect for handling the toughest jobs. Plus, their classic design will ensure your gloves look as good on you as they feel. See why buffalo leather gloves are a must-have for gardening and yard work!

Benefits of Buffalo Leather Work Gloves 

Maroon Bell brown buffalo leather glovesIt’s important to wear gloves while doing yard work, gardening, or working on a ranch. There are a variety of materials that work gloves can be made of, such as leather, nitrile, latex, PVC, or canvas. While there are many options, buffalo leather work gloves rank as one of the best because of their strength and flexibility.

Buffalo leather is derived from real buffalo hide, which is three times thicker than cowhide and has a more pronounced grain. Consequently, buffalo leather is stronger and more durable than cow leather. The tanning process results in soft, supple leather that feels great against your skin, even when you’re working hard. Here are the top benefits of Maroon Bell buffalo leather gloves for gardening and yard work:


Synthetic leathers are less durable than real leather, which is why you should avoid them. Protect your hands from dirt, bugs, scratches, and cuts by wearing buffalo leather gloves that are nearly impervious to punctures. Buffalo leather work gloves also help to prevent blisters on your fingers and palm for all-day comfort. 


Work gloves should be made out of durable material and construction, so they don’t fail on you when you need them most. Since buffalo hide isn’t stretched during the tanning process, the leather is highly resistant to tearing. Maroon Bell’s buffalo leather gloves also have double-stitching and a reinforced palm to ensure your gardening gloves won't fall apart when you're using them.


Leather gloves that are made out of cowhide or sheepskin can have a rough texture, which makes them unpleasant to wear for a prolonged period of time. Buffalo leather gloves, on the other hand, stretch a lot and become very soft after a couple of months. Enjoy a comfortable and breathable fit no matter how long or hard you’re working.


Maroon Bell’s buffalo leather gloves feature a ‘smart finger’ so you can easily access your phone without removing your glove. Quickly respond to texts and calls without having to remove your gloves, then get right back to yard work or gardening without missing a beat.

Rugged Work Gloves to Handle Any Job

Maroon Bell brown buffalo leather glovesWhen you need to work hard, you have to make sure your hands are protected and comfortable; otherwise, you won't be able to get the job done. Maroon Bell’s original buffalo leather work gloves are great for safeguarding against scratches, blisters, dirt, and pests. In addition, they last much longer than other gloves, providing a great value.

It’s no wonder these authentic gloves get rave reviews and are frequently mentioned in gift guides. Shop our buffalo leather gloves today to find your new favorite pair!

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