The Leather Glove - Matte Black
The Leather Glove - Matte Black
The Leather Glove - Matte Black
The Leather Glove - Matte Black
The Leather Glove - Matte Black

The Leather Glove - Matte Black

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Introducing our Matte Black Full Grain Water Buffalo Leather Gloves with red palms – designed with unparalleled strength and durability, inspired by the natural resilience of the Water Buffalo. Crafted to last for years, these gloves were designed to become a character in the story of your life. They are perfect for a multitude of uses, offering protection, versatility, and style.


  • Full Grain Water Buffalo Leather • Hides not stretched before stitching, preserving strength • Lightweight, warm, yet breathable for summer use • Smart Finger technology


  • Molds to the contours of your hands over time • Becomes softer with use and after getting wet • High tear resistance and versatility • Stylish matte black appearance

How to Break in Your Gloves:

NOTE: You want these gloves to fit tight at first. Over a month, they will loosen and mold to your hands. You can use leather balm (coming soon), oils, or simply get them soaking wet, dry them, and break them in a few times.

Use Cases:

  1. Motorcycle Gloves: Offering protection, usability, and style, these matte black leather gloves are perfect for motorcyclists. With their strength and ability to withstand extreme conditions, they provide excellent protection from debris, wind, rain, and asphalt.
  2. Warehouse Gloves: Ideal for summer months in a warehouse, the unique fiber structure of these gloves provides a tacky feel, ensuring a strong grip and fewer mistakes. They also protect your hands from accidents, sharp objects, and hot metal.
  3. Archery Gloves: Capable of passing the dime test, these gloves offer protection and control while using a bow and arrow. Their vintage, turn-of-the-century look adds a touch of charm, making them a memorable part of your archery experience.

Invest in a pair of our Matte Black Full Grain Water Buffalo Gloves and experience the difference in quality, durability, and style. Let these gloves become part of your story, as you pass them down to future generations.

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  • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
I’m sorry for the 3 stars . Amazing

This companies customer service is second to none. They fixed my issue which was a size issue fast and gave me a great discount. The gloves I purchased are of very good and high quality, I will definitely be buying from them again and 100% recommend. I give them 10 stars and am loyal from now on to them just because of the customer service. Unbelievable. Thank you guys and peace from Manny from Staten Island New York

Thanks M.S. - We started this company to bring regard back to consumers. If we make a mistake or folks are not happy with the product we will most quickly to fix it. We appreciate you. Contact us anytime. Thanks again.



The quality is good , but I went by there measuring guid and order the size they said would fit , and it was way off . Can’t use them so I’m going to have to return. Measured around palm and even pulled a little tight for a good fit and these gloves are big bulky and loose , I’d like them one size down and I’d be soo happy and buy the other pair I was eyeing if I can fix this issue


Meh, for $50 I wouldn't have expected it to arrive with a huge section of stitching on the cuff to be coming undone! Poor quality control obviously. Feel great on and will work fine.

Mike Barnard
Awesome Multipurpose Gloves

The thick leather on these gloves makes them perfect for all types of outdoor activities, from trimming trees and chopping wood, to hunting, camping, or ATVing! I wore them on a recent goose hunt where it rained and snowed on them, now they are custom fit to my hands. The leather is supple as well, allowing for easy fit and feel in the trigger housing or other activities that require finger dexterity. I love that this company supports Veterans too!


Nice and stylish.

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