The Leather Glove - Buffalo Brown
The Leather Glove - Buffalo Brown
The Leather Glove - Buffalo Brown
The Leather Glove - Buffalo Brown
The Leather Glove - Buffalo Brown
The Leather Glove - Buffalo Brown

The Leather Glove - Buffalo Brown

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Introducing Maroon Bell Glove Co.'s THE LEATHER GLOVE in Buffalo Brown – the ultimate leather glove designed to become a character in the story of your life. Don't be fooled by the affordable price tag; this brown leather glove is crafted from the same high-quality, full-grain Water Buffalo hide that our company is built on. 


  • Full Grain Water Buffalo Leather • Hides not stretched or sanded, retaining densely packed fibers • Lightweight, warm, yet breathable for summer use • Smart Finger technology


  • Molds to the contours of your hands over time • Becomes softer and shinier with use • Can get wet and will become even softer after breaking in again • High durability, tear resistance, and wrist protection

How to Break in Your Gloves:

NOTE: You want these gloves to fit tight at first. Over a month, they will loosen and mold to your hands. You can use leather balm (coming soon), oils, or simply get them soaking wet, dry them, and break them in a few times.

Use Cases:

  1. Camping Gloves: Perfect for protecting your hands from fire, hot rocks, and camping stoves due to their durability and high tear resistance.
  2. Gardening Gloves: Ideal for protecting your hands from sharp thorns, objects, snakes, spiders, or the constant wear and tear from yard work.
  3. Farming Gloves: Designed with a higher wrist threshold for protection while bailing hay, as well as a dense fiber structure to protect against barbed wire and other sharp objects.

Maroon Bell Glove Co. is not about fast fashion or disposable products. We are dedicated to creating items that last, matter, and work. Experience the difference with our Buffalo Brown Leather Gloves – they may just be the last gloves you'll ever need.

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  • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
William Wagner
Great product

I love it when someone puts their back into making a great product. The gloves exude quality and I don't think you could do any better than these mitts at any price. Solid 5 Star rating.

Thank you so much William. We really appreciate it.

Benito Chavez Jr
Fit great, durability to be determined

The fit and feel is great. My hand measured 8.5 and I went with the Med.(8.5) and they fit perfect. I havent yet had time to.put them to a real test. We'll see how they do in the deep South Texas brush.


Great gloves,great outfit

Great customer service

Outstanding customer service. After my first pair wore through they contacted me and replaced them immediately.

Speaking with you on email now. We will send you another pair of our signature ranching gloves which have a higher grade. Thanks for the pictures. Could be a defect or a thin part of the hide maybe, becasue Water Buffalo is enormously tough.

Great Glove

This is a great glove. Fits really well - I recommend following the directions in the videos for breaking them in. I usually buy medium- sized gloves but they always fit a tad bit big; have tried small sizes in the past and wet them to stretch but the quality always led to tearing at one seam or another. These gloves are clearly made better as you can see in the four pieces of leather/seam points in each finger (as opposed to two pieces of leather on other gloves), double stitching all around, and extra layers added to allow for proper stretching/strength. So when I wet these gloves, they stretched to a perfect fit (even though they were tight when first put on dry) and did not show any signs of tearing or stress at any seam. The leather feels strong and smells great and is molded to all parts of my hands so that I can feel everything - except the thorns I regularly encounter here in the desert. I look forward to these lasting a long time but I already bought a second pair because redundancy always comes in handy ( no pun intended…).

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