Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White
Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White

Astrapí (Lightning) Skeleton Leather Motorcycle Glove - Black-White

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ASTRAPí Black & White Water Buffalo Skelton Motorcycle Glove 

"Astrapi" is a Greek word. In Greek, "αστραπή" (astrapi) means "lightning." It is used to describe the visible electrical discharge that occurs during a thunderstorm.

The Black Skeleton Astrapi, a blend of HANDCRAFTED ARTISTRY and ROBUST DURABILITY. Made from full grain Water Buffalo hide, this glove holds the promise of exceptional strength. The glove shapes to your hand, offering a CUSTOM-FIT COMFORT. It boasts a gold lightning bolt, meticulously hand-stitched with 40 pieces of buffalo leather, embodying the strength of astrapi (lightning in Greek). The index finger comes with a tech fabric for SMARTPHONE COMPAT

  • DURABLE-LASTING-STRONG= PREMIUM HAND PROTECTION: Made from full grain Water Buffalo, we do not stretch the hides or sand out impurities. This leaves the chaotically woven fiber structure of the leather intact, allowing it to maintain its outstanding strength.
  • COMFORT-DEXTERITY-USABILITY: Because we do not stretch these hides before we stitch them, the leather only stretches where it needs to, on your hand. What this means is that we have found a way to develop a glove that will become uniquely customizable to whomever is wearing it.
  • HAND CRAFTED-SHARP-VERSATILE-UNIQUE: 40 hand stitched pieces of buffalo leather were hand stitched on top of the Water Buffalo base to create this one-of-a-kind leather glove.
  • TECH FINGER-USABILITY-OPERATIONAL EFECTIVENSS: We added a piece of tech fabric to each index finger, so you don’t have to remove your gloves when answering calls, changing the radio station or flipping through apps on your phone.
  • WATER FRIENDLY: These gloves only get better when they are wet. They will mold to your hands faster and become an extension of your hands over time.
  • HIGH DEGREES OF TEAR, PUNCTURE AND ABRASION RESISTANCE: The tightly woven fiber structure found in Water Buffalo Hide combined with the natural oils acting like a glue create an a next level barrier protecting your hands from asphalt, rocks, sticks, nails, glass, hail, rain, snow, bugs, cement or any number of projectiles threatening one of your most important assets; your hands. 


  • Full Grain Water Buffalo Hide
  • Light weight .4 lbs
  • Breathable
  • Hand stitched
  • Molds to your hands
  • Water Friendly
  • Tech finger
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    • Designed to become a character in the story of your life.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews

    Perfect short cuff.

    Shannon Harris
    Best riding gloves ever!

    These are my absolute favorite gloves to ride my motorcycle with. The leather is soft, but durable, and after one time using them, they mold to your hands. You’re still able to use your phone with your gloves on! And besides just feeling good they look awesome too! I am always getting compliments and asked where I got my riding gloves from.

    Amazing gloves (wish I had an appropriate motorcycle to go with 'em)

    Absolutely amazing gloves. I usually wear a L or XL and these fit (sorrynotsorry) like a freaking glove! Gave them a run through up here during a storm on Mammoth Mountain (and pre-gamed) during out last snowstorm in NYC. Super comfortable and warm. Great quality leather as well.

    Jocelyn Sánchez

    I accidentally got the wrong size and was wondering if I can send it back and get a different pair or no?

    Austin Walker
    2 different size gloves

    I ordered large and I got two different sizes. The left hand is smaller than the right. I don't know which one is the large.

    Hi Austin - You can just shoot us an email and we will send you another pair. We try to be perfect but mistakes happen. We will have another pair coming to you.



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